About Us

From he was about 11 years old, Wayne found himself following his Grandmothers tradition and made Ginger Wine from her recipe and filled any old empty milk or lemonade bottles and containers that he had lying about his house and gave this out to his family and friends.


It went down a treat and everyone commented how it was just like his Grandmother had made many years before and he quickly recognised its nostalgic virtues.

Some years later in 1999, he set up a very small manufacturing and bottling premises (everything is still made and bottled by hand ) as he saw a niche in the market for supplying this Ginger Wine commercially, in the run up to Christmas. For 3 years he produced the Ginger Wine only around Christmas time, but customers continually enquired about availability all year round, so a greater range was developed that would encompass all seasons.

Sugar Free Ginger and whiskey
Clove and berry cider bourbon

This has culminated some 25 years later in a range of 9 flavours – Original Ginger Wine, Spiced Winterberry, Traditional Elderflower, Cloudy Lemonade, Dark Clove Original and Sugarfree, Classic Sarsaparilla, Sugar Free Ginger and Peppermint. Original Ginger Wine is still the all round favourite but Clove is very quickly catching up.

Our focus is on traditional and often forgotten flavours which were once popular in Northern Ireland.

Please also look at our more recently developed range of Premium Mixers over at Longbridge Drinks Co..

So many customers comment that they haven’t seen or heard or tasted our drinks in years and that they bring back many fond memories of their childhood. We get orders from all over Northern and Southern Ireland and also mainland UK. We have even had requests from the USA and Canada.


The versatility of the drinks makes them suitable for every household. Some enjoy  with hot water, some with sparkling water. Others add a dash to their favourite Spirit as a mixer or use them as a base for Cocktails or Mulled Wine, the list is endless.


Papas Original Ginger Wine paired with Whiskey makes a great Whiskey Mac and the Spiced Winterberry Cordial makes a great Mulled Wine by just adding to warmed Red Wine. See our recipe page for more ideas...